Monday, January 23, 2017


Please come to see my works in person. All my art festivals are listed on my page " Art Fairs near you Jan-Dec 2017" Thank you

Under the sea Brooch
Fish Fish Fish !!!

Peace & Love Cuff
Alfa dog pin

Sunflower pin
Caterpillar necklace


Friday, April 11, 2014

I realized that I haven't updated my blog such a long time and I don't remember last time I sit down in the front of my computer and  work on it. Today is the day... I have not much to say but pictures will tell the story.....
Thank you to all of my wonderful customers, with your support and always stop by my booth to see my new pieces. I promise to keep working, creating news and try to be better.
I have my new collection this year and hope you will love them as much as I do.

My music collection gets lots of attention so far I have few kinds of the guitar such as Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, music notes bracelet and earrings.

My bee collection is going strong,, Save the Beeeeeeeeeeeees
Miss Pacman is the most hilarious collection. Are they the most funniest game in our childhood? I love them and love to show them upfront. Surprise me that young new generation still know the game. My miss pacman is popular so far this year.
Pirates are coming to town. Big boat, small boats, fishing boat, roll boat or kayak. You name it. I have them all in my booth.
My fish get lots of attention so far. I really don't know if I should call them a collection or not, but they are so cute and move so fast. I love to make them and want to have as many kinds as possible.
I can't finish this message without talking about all my flowers pieces. They look so happy and make people happy.
I love to see smiles on people faces If my pieces can make you smile even a few means my job is done.
Thank you all so much for your love and support my crazy and fun creations. Please come to see my works in person at art show near you.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The beginning of the year started so slow. All the art shows I attended, were disappointed but things got better in July and so on until the end of the year.

Happy Campers
Thank you to all my family and customers for giving me energy to keep working with my imagination. I have pictures of my works 2012 to share with all of you and so many lovely pieces that I didn't have a chance to get pictures. ......sad!!!

Bike Taxi
Wagon Bike
The happy camper had found a good home at the Balloon Fiesta Arts & Crafts show in Albuquerque NM.   Love Love Love it so much. This camper is my first one, took lots of my time and energy, and my little brain worked so hard but the result made me so happy.

The "Bike Taxi" & "Wagon Bike" were sold to the same collector in Tucson Az. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for giving all the support and make me believe, imagination is no limit.

Reading Owl
The owl collection started in 2012 and has been great. I love them and all my customers love them also. I don't have so many pictures of them because it is so difficult to get good picture of owls... believe it or not. I tried and tried but the pictures never even looked ok!. This guy is the only one with a easy snap shot and looks better than others. I will keep working on the owls and I will find more activities for them to do.

Cowgirl hat
I couldn't stop this page without talking about my cowgirl hats. They are fun to wear and beautiful. I love them as much as other pieces. I don't have a real cowgirl hat myself as you know my asian face doesn't go well with it but there is no rule that I cann't love them. My idea to make the hats came out while I was on the road with my husband. We were on the way home from an disappointed art shows during early spring. We were quite and had no joke between us to get our spirits up a bit but the picture of the cowboy hat just popped up in my head from out of space. When we got home I spent my money that I had not much left after travel to buy materials to create my first hat and the picture in this page is the first one I made. it was sold at the very first next show. I have been making them until now. Sometime in the darkest place, there still have a tiny hold that the light can shine through.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rain and Rain

Actually There is no Mercy at all last weekend. The rain was pouring all day and night from Phoenix to Flagstaff.  My husband and I set up the booth in the rain then we came back to our van wait and wait and wait for the rain stop until 5:00pm the sun came out......I have a few customers came to my booth in the rain and purchased something ... I really appreciated it.

On Sunday, such a wonderful  sunny day... But most artists didn't do well at all including me... How sad!!!! Anyway, that weekend was past and I will move on to my next show in couple weeks. Really looking forward to it.
If someone's thinking about doing the art show business. Don't forget, the weather will play a huge roll in your career......too cold, too wet and too hot... cann't avoid them at all. They come along in life.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I will be in Flagstaff AZ

Prepare for my next show in Flagstaff this coming up weekend. I will be there on  Aug 7-8, 2010.
Sat -Sun 10:00 am -5 PM.
I hope the rain will not pour on us too hard. Mercy Mercy plase..... I love flagstaff . People are very nice, the town is beautiful. It will be a great weekend. I always keep my fingers cross.
My husband and our dog will come with me. How nice to have him help me setting up, selling and breaking down.

My dog have a bone fracture on his left leg below the knee. It happened a month ago. The doctor said he has a bone cancer. I hope a miracle happen to him. He couldn't walk so well for the past 3 weeks. Right now he can walks better, the pain has gone and cast off.  He is back and be a happy dog as he can be. So what he can help me at the show is, just lay down right next to me and wag his tail .....make me happy already.
Hope all of  you have a great weekend. I will check back later
Compassion necklace
Arts are something... you have to get out and find them.